Casing Metal Roof Applications

It is a preferred roofing system for the vault, dome fence, villa roof and artistic constructions where the application of the sanviçel panels is not possible. The coating metal is painted aluminum, painted galvanized sheet, titanium zinc and copper.

Sandwich Panel Roof-Facade Applications

Especially sandwich panels which are preferred in roof and façade of industrial and industrial buildings are projected and assembled by our expert technical team.

Trapeze Roof-Facade Applications

Heat insulation is preferred because it is economical for non-essential structures.

Steel construction

As it is in the whole world, the usage areas of steel constructions in the construction sector of our country are increasing day by day.
Astek firm provides turnkey services including projecting, manufacturing and assembly in the field of steel construction and provides reliable, economical and aesthetic solutions to its customers.

Lightweight Concrete Applications

Foam generator is a lightweight concrete cell with a stable foam obtained by placing the foam uniformly in the concrete. No chemical reaction is observed except cement hydration in the production process. As there is no material other than sand and cement in the world, the Genfil foam agent used is an organic based, enzyme based natural material and has no harmful to human health.